Below with the word "Supplier" means the company AirMasters Techonology SL in Calle Orenga 22 Local 42 - 46980 paternal Spain - Below with the word "Client" means the customer making a purchase. The Supplier and the Customer are hereafter jointly defined as "the parties".


1 - Sale

1.1 - AirMasters products are intended for use with compressed air in industrial environments, they should not be used when the pressure or temperature exceeds the maximum use values.


2 - Sale

2.1 - The supply contract is concluded with the written confirmation of the Supplier’s acceptance of the order.

2.2 - Any offers of the Supplier are considered valid only during the current year


3 - Product Data Sheets

3.1 - Technical details of the products are available in the catalogue or on the website drawings, data sheets and other information cannot be reproduced for profit without our consent.

3.2 - The Customer is obliged to inform the Supplier, at the pre-contractual stage, of the existence of any particular regulations to be complied with in the country of final destination of the goods to be supplied or in terms of material to be supplied.


4 - Assistance and repair

4.1 - For safety reasons, it is important that the repair of AirMasters products is carried out by authorised personnel. AirMasters assumes no liability for damage caused by improper use, modifications and alterations of our products, and the use of spare parts that are not original AirMasters parts.

5 - Price list

5.1 - Costs of packaging, taxes, stamps, customs charges, duties and any additional charges are not included in the prices.

6 - The guarantee

6.1 - AirMasters ensures that its products will perform in the best possible way, the work for which they have been developed according to product specifications.

6.2 - We guarantee the products for the period of one (1 ) year from the date of delivery to the buyer (limited warranty) for any manufacturing defects. This warranty is limited to repair, replacement or acquisition of an alternative product with the consent of AirMasters.Some products have the longest warranty period and you can see it in the cards.

6.3 - This warranty is only applicable to products that have not suffered accidental damage, or damage caused by negligence and have not been modified or repaired without the approval of AirMasters.

6.4 - The warranty shall lapse whenever the products have been assembled or used incorrectly or have received insufficient maintenance or have been modified or repaired without the Supplier’s authorization. In addition, the Supplier shall not be liable for defects in conformity of products due to normal wear of those parts which, by their nature, are subject to rapid and continuous wear.

6.5 - AirMasters declines any explicit warranty not provided for in this Agreement and any implied warranty, such as fitness for a particular purpose, performance, quality and absence of hidden defects, and no action for breach of contract, Without this provision could result from transactions, including implied warranties of marketability and fitness for a particular purpose. AirMasters accepts no liability for any loss, inconvenience, damage, accidental or consequential loss resulting from ownership or use of the products.

7 - Deliveries and shipments

7.1 - The delivery time is normally 2 days if the material is available in stock and up to 10 days if the material is not available.

7.2 - AirMasters will keep you informed of the timing in case of prolongation due to production problems.

7.3 - We do not accept late penalty on delivery.

7.4 - If the parties have agreed that, in the event of delayed delivery, the Supplier is obliged to pay a penalty fee, the Customer may not ask for any amount in excess of the penalty as compensation for the damage caused by the delay.


8 - The payments

8.1 - Unless otherwise agreed, payments must be made by the Customer within the time limits specified in the written confirmation of acceptance of the order at the Supplier’s address or at the credit institution indicated by him: in the event of delay, the Customer shall be required to pay interest in the event of delay, except in any case the Supplier may claim compensation for the greatest damage suffered.

8.2 - Any disputes that may arise between the parties do not exempt the Customer from the obligation to observe the terms and conditions of payment.

8.3 - Payments accepted are for all countries only by bank transfer.

8.4 - Credit card payment is available for England and is protected by a highly effective data encryption system. Orders can be paid by credit card through a secure payment system. All credit card information is communicated by the customer directly to the payment system, without going through the AirMasters server that in no way will be aware of the customer’s credit card number.

The payment system automatically encrypts all payment transaction information with a 128-bit SSL (Secure sockets Layer protocol) (the highest level available for electronic commerce). Credit cards accepted are: Mastercard, Visa, American Express.


9 - Liability of the supplier

9.1 - The Supplier is solely responsible for the proper functioning of components, equipment and plants supplied in relation to the characteristics and performance expressly indicated by him. He does not assume, instead, no liability for any faulty operation of machines or systems made by the Customer or by third parties with hydraulic or pneumatic components of the Supplier even if the individual hydraulic or pneumatic equipment has been mounted or connected according to schemes or drawings suggested by the Supplier, unless such schemes or drawings have been the subject of separate remuneration, in which case the Supplier’s liability shall in any case be limited to what is included in those drawings or schemes.

9.2 - In any case, the Customer will not be able to claim compensation for indirect damages, lost profits or production losses, nor will he be able to claim as compensation amounts in excess of the value of the goods supplied.

10 - Reserve of title

10.1 - The Supplier retains the ownership of the supplied products until the total payment of the agreed price.

11 - Applicable law

11.1 - All supply contracts are governed by Spanish law.