Companies which produce compressed air efficiently and rationally, not only reduce their operating costs thus saving energy, but also play a part in environmental conservation. Technical sizing is necessary for each individual blow of air. A 4 mm open compressed air pipe will cost you 1300 Euro a year. Air nozzles are not the solution to the problem…on the contrary.

Air amplifiers and air jets generate much more air volume using half the compressed air utilised by nozzles. Substituting a ½” cooling pipe with a nozzle would use much more air than a simple vortex tube generating cold air.

Contact us for the best choice of product for you. Our technical team will be happy to supply you with all the necessary information.

The possible energy saving calculations are included in the product Data Sheet on our site. Savings are calculated for 8 hours of blow-off per day with usage 45% and with a cost of 1.30 Euro cents per 1 Nm3/h. Airmasters offers solutions and at no extra cost. You only pay for the products. All of our know-how, product trials and technical assistance are at your disposal. A few of our numerous applications which we can assist you with are:

cleaning, cooling, moving, sorting, blowing, ventilating, extracting, separating, tensioning, transferring, aligning, accumulating, aerating, washing, degreasing, varnishing, conditioning, labelling, antistatic.

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