What is noise? What does noise consist of? Noise consists of a set of sounds which become undesirable due to excessive, annoying or sudden intensity. It is estimated that approximately 20% of the population of Western Europe (in other words 80 million people) is affected by levels of noise pollution which are considered unacceptable. Compressed air is widely used for many different industrial applications, yet is a source of noise unrivalled in the manufacturing workplace. Every 3 dB doubles the intensity of noise! This can be easily avoided with our products. The consequences of exposure to noise can vary from one individual to another; however, a report by the World Health Organisation in 1996 about noise, environment and health gives particular emphasis to certain effects such as sleeping disorders, hearing or physiological damage, for example:

tinnitus with difficulty and delay in falling asleep, concentration problems, stress, dizziness, waking up during the night, degradation in the quality of sleep due to change of deep stages, to light stages of sleep, daytime sleepiness, and many others

When cleaning blind holes or edges with compressed air, the noise generated is harmful to your hearing!

Airmasters has the solution and the materials to solve this problem. The simplest solution such as the use of free pipes for blowing, cleaning, cooling etc., is often the loudest solution. Workers don’t think twice about placing 2mm to 25mm free pipes for blowing, believing it is the right thing to do. At Airmasters we decide with our customer on the most suitable product for the application. With our air jets, silent air nozzle amplifiers and safety air blow-off guns and many other products in our range, the solution is at hand and we are happy for you to trial the materials before buying. The most expensive compressed air blow-off guns are those less resistant to impact and wear. You only need to look at the shape of the nozzle to understand. Nozzles with fins or side slits are not resistant to mechanical wearing. Airmasters safety air blow-off guns are constructed with an aluminium body, an easy grip handle and with nozzles meeting OSHA regulations. The nozzle shape makes it impact resistant while its multiple hole design, rather than a single hole, significantly reduces noise levels.