Air nozzle AIR-M175S


AirMasters range of air nozzles  blow-off is the widest choice in the world!! Ideal where the blow-off requires technical sizing and where high noise level and consumption cause serious problems. Blowing, cleaning and sorting are only some examples of applications where our air nozzles are used.

Savings: Our air nozzles substitute open pipes of 2 mm to 25 mm allowing dramatic energy savings and a return on investment within a few weeks! Send us details of your current open pipe or in the case of a new application, discuss it with our technicians in order to receive a calculation of viable air savings. Air nozzles are available in 316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, PEEK.

Safety: All of our air nozzles meet OSHA and SUVA standards which means that on contact with the machine operator's skin, the air blown out of the nozzle must not exceed a pressure of 2.1 Bar, thus eliminating the risk of embolism when air is blown under the skin via an open wound.

Noise: AirMasters compressed air nozzles guarantee noise level reductions of over 50% compared to an open tube or a home manufactured device. Call us for a trial! Patented air nozzles.

Air nozzle Mod AIR-M175S


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Blowing force at 5 Bar9.5 N
Adjustable blowing forceYes
Positioning for blow offClose, medium or distant
Blowing patternFlat
Air consumption at 5 Bar57Nm³/h
Connection typeMale 1/4”
Air Amplification50:1
MaterialStainless Steel 304
Dimensions62 mm x 82 mm x 18 mm
Sound level at 5 Bar84 dB(A)
ShimsStainless Steel
Replace open pipe6-8 mm
Max operating pressure10 Bar
Noise reduction dB(A)20dB(A)
Meets the OSHA directivesYES
Air savings Nm³/h32 Nm³/h
Meet the EU machine directivesYES

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