Air knife AIRMASTERS PLUS 30-762mm

Air knife AIRMASTERS+ 30-762mm

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The compressed air knives AIRMASTERS+ have been developed for use in any situation requiring an extremely high blowing strength while at the same time guaranteeing a significant reduction in energy costs as well as in noise levels.

Manufactured in Italy with precision machinery and all the know how needed, the air knives AIRMASTERS+ guarantee a uniform flow and a force that is perfectly distributed along the whole length of the knife.Lot of the air that is used is drawn from the environment with the Coanda effect with a small quantity of compressed air. We are able to generate a flow that is the equivalent of 50 times the compressed air used. This means that our air knife offers a ratio of 1:50. In fact, our exclusive and patented design enables an effective transport of surrounding air that is superior to the capacity offered by traditional air knives. AIRMASTERS+ compressed air knives are manufactured in anodised aluminium to ensure a longer durability. Our air knives integrate only stainless steel shims.AIRMASTERS+ compressed air knives are easy to assemble and maintain.Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive applications.The pieces can easily be joined to each other, thus ensuring uniformity of flow. Patented.

Air knife Mod. AIRMASTERS+ 30-762mm


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AIRMASTERS+ 30-762mm
New product
Data sheet
Blowing force at 72.5 PSI
100.71 OZ
Air consumption at 72.5 PSI
82.77 SCFM
Air Amplification
Sound level at 72.5 PSI
Anodized aluminum
Stainless steel
30" x 1.75" x 1.09" (762 mm x 44.5 mm x 27.6 mm)
Connection type
Back connection
1/4" x 2
Side connections
1/4" x 2
Blowing pattern
Velocity at 152mm
71 m/s
Max operating pressure
145 PSI