Air knife Extra GM04

Air Knives extra available with 2,4 or 6 nozzles, hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel 316L. The blowing force it is controlled by the thickness of the internal shims, it is enough to take shims out to reduce the blowing force or adjust it. Also air consumption and sound level can be adjusted very easily. Replace drilled pipes reducing dramatically noise level and air consumption.

The nozzles can be opened easy for cleaning and maintenance contrary to competition’s nozzles that most of the time get clogged .The shims inside the nozzles are made in stainless steel and provide a high resistance to mechanical wear.

The standard nozzle used for these air knives it is with 0.28” gap.

Custom made air knives are available on request at no additional cost.

Air Knives extra Mod. GM04

Download the PDF Doc for more information:


Blowing force at 5 Bar23.2N, 32N, 43N
Blowing patternFlat
Air consumption at 5 Bar116 Nm³/h - 216Nm³/h - 230Nm³/h
Connection typeFemale
MaterialHard anodised Aluminum or Stainless steel
Dimensions204 mm x 82 mm x 25 mm
Sound level at 5 Bar85dB(A)
Sides connection3/8" x 2
ShimsStainless Steel
Back connection3/8" x 1
Replace open pipe10 -14 mm
Max operating pressure10 Bar
Noise reduction dB(A)34 dB(A)
Cost savings for 5 working days*£ 98.80
Meets the OSHA directivesYES
Air savings Nm³/h247 Nm³/h
Meet the EU machine directivesYES

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