Air knife Extra AIR-ZPE446

Air knife Extra AIR-ZPE446

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The extra ZP AIR knives are available with 2, 3, 4 or 6 nozzles in aluminium. Made in Italy.

The Extra ZP compressed air blades replace perforated pipes reducing drastically the sound's level and air consumption, ensuring high resistance to mechanical wear.

Custom air knives are available on request with no additional cost.

Air Knives extra ZP Mod. AIR-ZPE446

New product
Data sheet
Blowing force at 72.5 PSI
80.93 OZ
Air consumption at 72.5 PSI
67.29 SCFM
Sound level at 72.5 PSI
78 dB(A)
207 mm x 77 mm x 23 mm
Connection type
Back connection
3/8" x 1
Side connections
3/8" x 2
Blowing pattern
Max operating pressure
145 PSI