Air knives Air-Stream+

Air knife Air-Stream⁺ 51mm
The AIRMASTERS Air Blade Air Knife has proven to be of high quality, high performance and one of the most quiet, if not "the most quiet" designs on the market for all types of blow-off and cooling applications. Eliminating a row of drilled pipe can save up to 90% of compressed air costs. Air knives are made of aluminum and coated for long life. Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive applications. Another version that we produce is the “Hardened anodized aluminum” AIRMASTERS air blade, that can sometimes eliminate the need to go to more costly and heavy stainless steel units and save hundreds of pounds in cost! Air knives comes complete with a stainless steel shim to set the air gap (most others use cheap plastic which can wear out quickly) and are held together with stainless steel screws. They can also be coupled together using a coupling kit for longer spans. Air knife AIR-STREAM+ 51MM See also: AIR KNIFE STANDARD, AIR KNIFE EXTRA ASK FOR THIS PRODUCT ON TRIAL! Download the PDF Doc for more information: Data Sheet Outline Pdf Outline Dwg