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The  Vacuum Gun  AIRMASTERS Hand Vac is the low cost solution to a variety of industrial housekeeping applications. It is a blow gun, a vacuum gun, a collection system and a transfer system in one simple package. The   Vacuum Gun  AIRMASTERS Hand Vac is light weight die cast aluminum and uses less air than a normal blow gun. Our Vacuum gun amplified air flow is approximately 12 times the air consumption. It draws a vacuum at one end to produce a high vacuum for collection or transfer of materials. It is easily converted from a blow gun into a vacuum gun and back again. The Vacuum Gun AIRMASTERS Hand Vac in blow-off mode, the 1-1/4" (32 mm) diameter allows it to cover a much greater area than a small blow gun for faster cleaning and drying. The  Vacuum Gun AIRMASTERS Hand Vac can also be used to transfer material over a long distance using a vacuum hose which can be supplied. The gun in vacuum mode, it can be used to vacuum up debris if more appropriate than blowing air, and debris can be collected in a reusable vacuum bag available.